Founded in 2015, we deliver the best connected e-bike for shared mobility systems




Our Company Mission

To give people the freedom to move efficiently and sustainable within their city and workspace by offering the smartest electric connected e-bike in the market.                     

Imagining the future of mobility

In a world were urban sprawl grows fast, we imagine vertical sustainable cities without traffic or pollution. In this cities, multimodal transportation and e-bikes will be key players

Our value proposition

Shared & Connected E-bike 

Our bicycle is specifically designed for the harsh conditions of shared systems. No matter if your operation is docked, dockless or hybrid, our e-bike adjusts to any modality.

Native & vertically

integrated engineering

From the Battery Design & Manufacture to the IoT & Connectivity, we engineered the e-bike controlling process and innovation to develop a cutting-edge product that fully satisfies sharing operator needs.



Dual Battery

For either charging stations, battery swap or both, the e-bike  delivers up to 110 km of autonomy to reduce operational cost

IoT & Lock Integration

Proprietary IoT that communicates natively with the lock, to simplify communications and optimize fleet deployment

On-board sensors

On-board sensors and diagnosis to know the state of the e-bike in real-time, tire pressures… and even weather or road conditions


Custom frame mechanically designed to extend lifespan considering the harsh operations of shared mobility systems


E-bike Specs


Proprietary lithium-ion batteries, with up to 0.55 kWh of storage capacity.

Up to 2 batteries: One swappable; One embedded on frame 



Rear-wheel motor with 250 watts of power.

Response designed to assist in any condition of slope or road condition changes 


IP67 long-lasting aluminium frame, designed to withstand weather conditions and rough operations

IoT & Lock

Proprietary IoT designed to adapt a wide variety of sensors

Easy integration with fleet managers and 3rd party applications

Connectivity with Axa and Linka Locks



3-gear Shimano Nexus 3


Front & Rear: Shimano Roller BR-C6000 

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